Pool Coping for Skateboarding

The Original Pool Coping for Skateboarding

Welcome to Tedder Stone, the original pool coping designed by pool skaters and dedicated to skatepark construction. We sell to the most well respected companies in the industry. Tedder Stone precast pool coping has been specifically designed for municipal and private professional skateboarding facilities. Our flagship 9,000 psi mix poured in a semi-smooth texture has been installed in over 185 public and 44 private bowls on four continents and counting.

Why Tedder Stone?


Every pool skater knows pool coping is the best. Precast coping has many advantages over pour-in-place including easy replacement and ability to flex with the structure. Tedder Stone's semi-smooth texture provides some resistance for riders, reducing the break-in period. Our proprietary mix is strong enough handle the daily grind of skating while keeping away from the high psi PVC feel. Our dimensionally accurate molds make Tedder Stone easy to install for any mason. Most bowls take less than one day to cope, making it ultimately less expensive than the high labor costs of pour-in-place. Our expert logistics and palletizing ensure your coping will be delivered in an organized crate directly to your construction site and the stones will be ready to set. With over 12 years experience, we can offer consulting, blueprint interpretation, and delivery estimates to make coping ordering easier for you.

Created by skateboarders, for skateboarding, Tedder Stone offers a full line of radius and flatwall coping in our classic Standard Bullnose and our new Shadowline profile. We also carry Lady Finger and Diamond Coping available in flatwall (straight) only. Please see our order form for Standard Bullnose or Shadowline for a complete list of radi offered.

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